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Best Rehab Centers In Mumbai

The rate of alcohol and other substance addiction and abuse is the highest in Mumbai as compared to the other cities of India. Mumbai – the city of cinema and dreams is also known as the commercial capital of India. Mumbai has been the central instrument for the trade of drugs, alcohol, and narcotics. Quintessentially Mumbai has set off the ‘applecart syndrome’ where addiction has spread not just in the urban locations of Mumbai but is also percolating in the areas of Satara, Sangli and Kolhapur.

As per the records of Union Ministry of social justice and empowerment nearly 43,180 people have reported for de-addiction treatment in Maharashtra since 2007. With the mofussil towns and the hinterland being increasingly affected Mumbai receives numerous addicts every year that enrolls with the best rehab centres in Mumbai for their treatment and recovery. As per the records more than 10,000 alcohol and other substance addicts have registered with the best recovery centers in Mumbai from 2010 to 2020.

As per the sources and authorities it has been seen that although alcohol and drug addiction is rather common in the city addiction to heroin is particularly on the high. Authorities believe that opium produced in UP for medicine production is smuggled into Goa through the road network and then is infiltrated to the custody of the Mumbai drug mafia. This is why we see that some of the top-rated drug rehab centres in Mumbai are working round the clock and with some of the best experts of the field to improve the lives of so many who have been affected so far.

The best alcohol rehab centres in Mumbai coupled with the best drug addiction treatment centres in Mumbai are working with some of the best medical doctors, specialists of de-addiction, physiotherapists, and counselling experts, psychiatrists and so on to provide a complete treatment and recovery procedure to substance addicts. In addition to the able guidance of this best alcohol addiction treatment centres in Mumbai, family members and close friends can offer rock-solid support to the addicts. This can help them in a great way in their journey of recovery.