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Best Rehab Centers In Pune

Pune is one of the most populous metropolitan cities of India located in the state of Maharashtra. At present, its population is nearly 8 million. It is also considered one of the best livable cities in India.

Pune has witnessed a sudden spurt in the number of alcohol, drugs, and other substance abuse cases in recent years. Even though certain authorities can deny the fact but the college students are fast falling victims to this vicious circle of addiction. Some of the best rehabilitation centers in Pune have confirmed the fact that young students are not just falling victim to the web of addiction but at the same time are also entering the world of substance peddling.

The best recovery centers in Pune have revealed the fact that in the course of the last 10-12 years young females between the age group of 14 to 16 are fast falling victims to substance addiction. The best alcohol rehab centers in Pune find that alcohol and other forms of substances like “charas” and “ganja” are easily available in the slums and that too at cheap rates.

Every month the top rated drug rehab centers in Pune are getting more than 50 new cases. The addicts have various reasons why they seek refuge in this horrible habit. Reasons vary from family tension, ugly fights with parents and family members, social anxiety, education, and career stress, etc. In the earlier times, the average age of addicts fell between 35 -years to 40-years but now the drug addiction rehab centers in Pune have been getting younger patients in huge numbers.

As per the records of the top alcohol addiction treatment centers in Pune, there has been a rise of 50% in the number of cases of female addicts and an overall rise of 70% in the number of cases of youths falling victim to addiction in Pune.

Renowned Rehabilitation Centers Located In Pune

Pune has several quality rehab centers. Out of the various cases that these centers receive, even though many are local people from Pune, yet some cases have come in from Mumbai and other parts of the nation. Alcohol addiction is a huge problem in the city. This is often the gateway to addiction to other more severe drugs.