Saksham Psychiatry Hospital and De-Addiction Center, Ahmadabad, aims to deliver the highest quality of comprehensive care in the field of addiction. The team of experts in the center is well versed in providing a high quality of care to patients admitted here. The de-addiction treatment here is meant for substance abuse related to tobacco, cigarette, alcohol, ganja, charas, bhang, cocaine, afeem, doda, inhalants, injectables, mobile, the Internet, video games, pornography, gambling, etc.

At Saksham Psychiatry Hospital and De-Addiction Centre, Ahmadabad, the treatment receives a systematic approach involving detailed history taking MSE, assessment of motivation of patients, and the family environment. The motivational level is also taken into consideration.  The treatment includes the management of withdrawal symptoms with medications, injectables, counseling, psychotherapy, and therapies, including meditation. Once the treatment is complete and the patient is discharged from the rehab, regular checkups and counseling sessions are conducted to ensure that there no relapses.

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