Best Rehab Centers In Kolkata

Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta is a port city and the capital of West Bengal. The city has a marked historical eminence as it was the national capital during the colonial rule of British East India Company. In the present era, Kolkata is the commercial hub of West Bengal and is a booming Indian metropolitan with an approximate population of 15 million people. A cross-sectional investigation on the people of the city has revealed that alcohol, drug, and other forms of substance addiction and abuse is rather common amongst the people of the city.

Nearly 57.75% of the addicts begin by the age of 15 to 20 years. Talking of the substances of addiction it has been found that polydrug addiction is the most common with a score of 59.1%. Alcohol and brown sugar are the other common substances of addiction. The males are particularly susceptible to this vicious cycle.

It is true that the picture so far presents some gloomy aspects. However, the only silver lining is that you can find some of the best rehab centers in Kolkata that are doing great jobs at pulling back people from their webs of addiction. The best recovery centers in Kolkata are nationally acclaimed for the kind of treatment they provide and the expert guidance that determines their course of action. The best alcohol rehab centers in Kolkata follow a mixed theory of treatment where various therapies are combined to help addicts lose their toxic past. A balanced team of experienced psychiatrists, physiotherapists, medicinal doctors, and other support staff forms the functional departments of some of the best alcohol addiction treatment centers in Kolkata.

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If you do look up the local business directory of the city and the web pages you will see that the number of drug addiction treatment centers in Kolkata is quite encouraging. Recent investigations have revealed the fact that just like in other parts of the world Kolkata is also a city where the threat of addiction and substance abuse is on a high. Parents and caregivers must be really alert against this vicious web. However, if you have a dear one within the clutches of this terrible cobweb trust the top-rated drug rehab centers in Kolkata for a clean comeback of the addict into the mainstream.