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Hyderabad is soon emerging to be one of the main centers that have a high index of ‘getaway addiction’. For all those who are hearing the term for the first time ‘getaway addiction’ – it is the addition of substances like alcohol, cannabis, and tobacco. As per the city police report, drug mafias are overactive in this city and surrounding regions in recent times.

Nearly 60% of the teenagers in Hyderabad are addicted to getaway drugs. This is a percentage that is nearly double the average percentage of substance abuse among teenagers in India. Although entire South India is in the clutches of drug and alcohol addiction, Hyderabad is a city that has a particularly high index of alcohol addiction.

Alcohol addiction is considered to be a lighter form of substance addiction. It paves the path for getting addicted to much stronger drugs like cocaine and heroin. Hyderabad is an area that has a strong drug activity from the African peddlers. Hyderabad has a booming IT industry. The city attracts many young professionals who make a handsome earning. This is what provides them with adequate money to indulge in various types of substance addictions.

Keeping sync with the growing index of getaway addiction, several rehab and treatment centers have also sprung up in various parts of the city. Now with the growing threat of alcohol and other forms of substance abuse have necessitated state-of-the-art rehabs. Today, the best rehabilitation centres in Hyderabad are doing wonderful jobs having higher rates of recovery. These centers are some of the best recovery centres in Hyderabad that offer effective treatment for alcohol and other forms of de-addiction. The best alcohol rehab centres in Hyderabad are opened on the advice of some of the most experienced professionals in the field of alcohol and other forms of substance addiction. As the percentage of teenagers and others under the vicious effects of alcohol and other substance addiction increases, the activities and the popularity of the top-rated drug rehab centres in Hyderabad has also seen an ascent.

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These alcohol addiction treatment centres in Hyderabad are the best places where you can get effective treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. In most of these drug addiction treatment centers in Hyderabad,  you can get a combination of two or more therapies designed to help addicts to recover and come back to clean normal life.