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Ahmedabad is the largest city in the state of Gujarat in India. It falls on the western side of the state and one of the main cities of the country. Ahmedabad is a city with a rich historical background and context. It is a city that amalgamates famous tourist attractions, a healthy whiff of commerce, and fervor for education. The city lies on the banks of the river Sabarmati and just 23 KM away from the state capital Gandhinagar. The city is closely related to the most prominent personality of Indian freedom struggle – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

The city has an approximate population of 60 lakhs. Although the city resonates with the history of a glorious past, in the present times just like the other parts of the country, Ahmedabad finds itself and a section of its population within the strangles of alcohol and other substance abuse.

Alcohol is banned in the state of Gujarat and Ahmedabad is no exception. Understandably, the city is developed on the principles of the “father of the nation”, Gandhiji. Even then some of the best rehabilitation centers in Ahmedabad have confirmed the fact that the city and its people are struggling against a surging tide of substance abuse and addiction. According to the management bodies of best recovery centers in Ahmedabad, the number of addiction cases has witnessed an increase in the current times. There has been an increase in their numbers over the last 5 years. Albeit all the cases that are registered with the best alcohol addiction rehab centers in Ahmedabad are not just from Ahmedabad but various parts of Gujarat as well, the Indian state of Maharashtra and so on.

Renowned Rehabilitation Centers Located In Ahmedabad

The top rated drug rehab & deaddiction centers in Ahmedabad are following a personalized pattern of treatment based on the requirement of the patient. These treatment programs blend a lot of aspects like yoga, meditation, counseling, entertainment, reading books, debating, and above all a dream of a healthy future. The treatment methods followed in the alcohol addiction treatment centers in Ahmedabad are kept functional on the strength of a well-diversified team consists medicinal doctors, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, and counseling experts.